Winter 2021 KSA Promotions Analysis (Special Focus on BBQ Promotions)

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Winters in Saudi Arabia are considered ideal for gatherings, outdoor activities and food festivals. The residents make special plans for get-togethers and have fun nights with friends and family. These nights often include barbequing.

A lot of offers and special flyers for barbeque products is seen in the retail sector during this time. Below is an analysis of barbeque products and electronics promotional activity in KSA from Winter 2021.

Understanding the timeline, promotions and user engagement trends

*All special promotions done by top 16 retailers on ClicFlyer, from KSA were considered for the following analysis.

In 2021, it was observed that the winter and BBQ special promotions started from 1st week of October’21 and continued till 1st week of February’22. However, the promotion volume was maximum during 10th Nov’21 to 21st Dec’21. In the below chart, this time-period is defined as phase 2. The distribution of Winter and BBQ special promotions for the entire time-period is shown below

Retailer Promotion pattern

In the above chart, the entire promotion duration has been split into 3 phases and below are some key insights–
Only 15% of the retailers started their special promotions during phase 1 (29th Sep – 9th Nov). The promotion activity was at peak during phase 2 when 55% of the retailers had some special offers for winter season and BBQ festivals.
Out of all the special promotions, 73% of the promotions were done between 10th Nov to 21st Dec’21.

The chart below, shows the percentage of ClicFlyer mobile app active users in KSA engaging with Winter and BBQ theme promotions. Although during phase 1, lesser number of offers were promoted, but users showed reasonable interest and explored the offers.

User Engagement Graph

Focused segments for promotion in winter and BBQ theme flyers
To promote grilling and barbeque gatherings, many offers were available on charcoal, barbeque, and camping equipment. Furthermore, special discounts were available for women, men, and kids’ winter clothing category. Within electronics category, segments like- electric barbeque grill, air & deep fryers, sandwich makers/toasters, microwave, and kettle & coffee makers had increased promotion share in the special flyers as compared to regular flyers promoted during the same time. The promotion shares for some segments like- mobile, mobile accessories, speakers and headphones were reduced in the special flyers as shown below.

Electronics Category Pie Chart

Additional Note
Between 29th Sep to 8th Feb, different types of special flyer were published by the retailers and their share is shown below. For the scope of this blog, we have considered only winter and BBQ theme flyers. Our analysis on the White Friday promotions is available in a separate blog ( To promote shopping activity, some retailers also published new year and end of the year theme flyers having special discounts on selected items.

Special Theme Flyer Chart

Conclusions/ Expectations
Based on last year’s promotions, we can expect similar campaigns by retailers to promote winter and BBQ special offers. Since from ClicFlyer app engagement pattern it was observed that users showed reasonable interest on early promotions, it is advisable for the retailers to start the promotions early on to attract more footfall to their respective stores. Moreover, shoppers can watch out for good deals on winter clothing, charcoal, barbeque equipment, and various electronics items.

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