Introducing ClicFlyer: Your Ultimate Shopping Companion in Indonesia!

ClicFlyer News

ClicFlyer, the leading interactive app for flyers, katalogs and offers, has just landed in Indonesia, marking its expansion into the 10th country. This interactive app will revolutionize your shopping experience by offering convenient access to weekly deals and katalogs from all major supermarkets, stores, and brands, all on a single platform. Say goodbye to high weekly bills, as ClicFlyer empowers you to make substantial savings on your shopping.


Discover enticing deals on the mobile app through various methods: explore trending offers to stay updated with the latest popular deals in your city, browse through your favourite stores’ weekly flyers/ katalogs, or dive into specific categories and sub-categories that pique your interest. With ClicFlyer, you can now plan your shopping well in advance, saving your valuable time.


ClicFlyer App Indonesia


ClicFlyer doesn’t stop at bringing you the best deals. It offers an array of features to enhance your shopping journey. From perusing all available offers from different stores to creating a personalized shopping list, adding offers to your cart, and using advanced search tools, this app has it all. In essence, ClicFlyer empowers you to save both money and time by providing access to a vast selection of stores and a comprehensive overview of offerings in all available countries.


Prior to its arrival in Indonesia, ClicFlyer had already won the hearts of shoppers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, and South Africa, amassing over 6 million downloads. Its exceptional popularity is reflected in high ratings on the Google Play Store as well as on the Apple App Store . With ClicFlyer, you’re in control of your shopping destiny – browse flyers/ katalogs, explore discounts, search for value deals, locate stores, and curate your shopping list. It’s time to transform your shopping experience and start saving with ClicFlyer in Indonesia!


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