Quarter 2 2023 Promotion Analysis

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Quarter 2 2023 (April-June) was an important period in the retail industry of the middle eastern countries as it coincided with two major festivals. A significant growth of 31.1% in offer promotions was seen YoY. This huge jump in promotions was because of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. 

Read on to find out about category-wise promotional analysis and more. 


Top 5 Categories  


Q2 - Top 5 Categories 

Grocery, Health & Beauty and home, furniture, and pets were the top three promoted categories followed by Electronics and Frozen Foods. The rest of the categories made up 39% of the promotions. 


Category Wise Promotions in Q2 2023 & Q2 2022: 


Category Wise Promotions in Q2 2023 & Q2 2022


Grocery and Home, Furniture, and Pets were highly promoted because duringEid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha weeks people have a lot of gatherings at home and redecorate their spaces. A drop of almost 2% was seen in Health & Beauty Category offer promotions between Q22022 and Q22023 due to the fact that the impact of Covid-19 was felt in the year 2022, leading to a surge in demand for Health Care Products, Hand Sanitizers, and related items. Consequently, promotions in the Health & Beauty category were reduced in 2023. 


Sub-Category Wise Promotions:


Sub-Category Wise Promotions


A Sub-Category Wise Distribution is depicted in the chart above wherein for Grocery Category 57% promotions were done under Sauces, Spreads & Canned Food Sub-Category. Similarly, for Health & Beauty, Home, Furniture, Pets, Electronics & Frozen Foods the maximum promotions were for Skin & Hair Care, Cooking & Dining, Kitchen Appliances, Mobile & Accessories & Ready to Eat Sub-Categories respectively. 


Item Promotions Within Top Sub-Categories: 


Item Promotions Within Top Sub-Categories


Cheese spread, Shampoo & Conditioner Mobile Phones, Toys and Marinated & Bread were the most promoted items under their respective Sub-Categories in Q2 2023. 


Promotions During Special Events:  


Promotions During Special Events


Special promotions made for 22% of the total promotions. Two major events i.e., Eid al Fitr and Eid Al Adha (mentioned previously) constituted 17% of the total flyer promotions while the rest consisted of Summer Flyers. 


Search Activity Analysis: 


Search Activity Analysis


As per the Clicflyer App Activity Analysis, in Q2 2023 Rice, Chicken, Milk, Oil, and Water were the top 5 searched items.  


User Engagement Analysis During Q2 2023: 


User Engagement Analysis Suring Q2 2023


Category-Wise User engagement can be seen in the chart above. The top 5 Category-Wise User Engagement were for Grocery, Health and Beauty, Home furniture and pets, Electronics & Frozen Foods. 


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