KSA Q4 2022 Retail Promotions Overview


Q4 is the last quarter of the Financial Year that brings in a lot of seasonal and YoY changes and shifts in all industries.  
In the following Analysis, we cover promotional changes and shifts observed in the Retail Sector in KSA.

Comparison against Q4 2021

10.3% growth in Flyer Promotions

*Based on promotions published on ClicFlyer App

A 10.3% growth in Flyer Promotions has been observed from Q4 2021 to Q4
The total offers in KSA grew by 5.4% as compared to Q4 2021.

Promotion Share Chart

Health and Beauty Promotions dropped by anotable 35% on a YoY basis. The promotions for remaining categories remain comparatively consistent. 
A spike in promotions for Home, Furniture & pets was observed. 

Q4 Analysis

Category  Subcategory  Category share (In %)  Most Promoted Items 
Frozen Food  Ready To Eat  49%  Marinated & Breaded, Frozen Burger, Frozen Fries & Onion Rings, Frozen Pizzas, Wraps,
Sandwiches, Frozen Franks & Hotdogs
Baby & Mom  Baby diaper  46%  Baby diapers 
Bakery  Arabic Sweets, Cake & Pastries  66%  Biscuits & Rusks, Halawa,Mammoul,Cakes &
Muffins,Pastry,Croissant, Puffs & Rolls
Beverages  Tea & Coffee  42%  Coffee, Coffee Beans, Tea, Tea Bags 
Confectionary, Snacks  Chocolates & Candies and Biscuits,
81%  Cookies & Biscuits,Cakes &
Dairy  Cheese & Cream  55%  Deli & Speciality Cheese,Cooking Cream, Thick
Cream, Sour Cream,Grated & Shredded Cheese,Cheese Portions & Blocks
Electronics  Kitchen Appliances & Mobile,
50%  Kettle & Coffee Makers,Juicers, Mixers,
Grinders,Food Processors & Choppers,Mobile Phones,Mobile Accessories

Although in beverages, Tea and Coffee were the most promoted items in Q4, there was an overall decline in Tea and Coffee promotions by 6% on a YoY basis. 
Barbecue & charcoal and Bed & Living showed a major increase in promotions by 326.52% and 104.53% as compared to Q3. 
 An increase in Lawn and gardening and outdoor sports items was also noted. 


Promotional Activity for Special Events

Flyer Promotions Pie Chart3 Major events from Q4 i.e., End of Year Promotions, Winter and BBQ promotions and White Friday Promotions made up for 9.8% of total promotions in Q4 2022. 
Out of the three major events, End of Year promotions accounted for almost half of promotions for special events.  
During End of Year sale, Television & accessories, small home appliances, make-up products, Ready to Eat Items and trolley bags showed a noteworthy increase in promotional activity.

Search Activity Analysis

Search Activity Analysis Graph
Oil & ghee, Rice, Laundry products, Fresh Vegetable and Eggs
were the top 5 searched items during Q4.
There was a significant increase by 31% in search activity for Eggs as compared to Q3.

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