Eid 2022: A Comprehensive Look at Retail Promotions in KSA and UAE

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Eid in the Middle Eastern region, is an essential time for retailers to boost their revenue and attract new customers through promotional offers and discounts.

In 2022, Eid was celebrated on the 3rd and 4th of May in KSA and 2nd of May in UAE.

This article focuses on the Eid 2022 promotions in the retail industry and provides an in-depth analysis of promotions from 40 retailers in KSA and UAE.


Eid Promotions Offer Share during Eid Weeks

Eid Promotions Offer Share


  • Eid promotions by major Retailers of KSA and UAE started a week before Eid i.e 20 Apr 22 – 26 Apr 22) and lasted mainly for one week after Eid. In the 2nd week post Eid, only 7% of the offers were Eid specific offers
  • 100% of the retailers pushed Eid promotions during the Eid week (Week 0). The week after Eid (Week 1), almost 100% more retailers stuck with Eid specific promotions than the week before the Eid week (Week –1)
  • Eid specific offer share went from ~40% in one-week pre-Eid to 70% and ~60% in Week0 and Week1 respectively


Active User Engagement Against Retailers’ Promotions and Eid Offer Share

Active User Engagement


  • Most customers find Eid specific promotions attractive and engaging because they align with the spirit of the festival, festive requirements and offer them the opportunity to save money while purchasing gifts and other items for their loved ones.
  • Eid week saw significant engagement from the user side with ~70% weekly active users engaging in Eid specific offers. One week pre-Eid and one-week post-Eid as well saw good response from the users as ~60% of users engaged with the Eid specific offers


Categories and Sub-categories that were Heavily Promoted during Eid Weeks

Eid Special Offer Share


  • Out of 15 categories, all the most heavily promoted categories came under the umbrella of food items. Cakes and chocolates were the most heavily promoted sub-category with ~85% category promotion share. Dried food and dates were also on the top of the list because dried fruits are generally offered to guests and people break their fast with dates


Sub categories with the highest drop in promtions


    • A significant drop of more than 23% was recorded in the promotions of fresh vegetables. This is due to the fact that most people do not cook a lot during this time because of Ramadan fasts
    • Fish and seafood is rather unpopular in the Middle East especially during Eid because people prefer red meat and chicken for traditional recipes


Items that were Heavily Promoted/dropped during Eid Weeks

Items that were Heavily Promoted/dropped during Eid Weeks


    • Dried foods were the most heavily promoted items
    • Toys were also heavily promoted as people like to give presents to the little ones around them


Popular Searches

Top Searches during eid


  • Oil, rice and chicken were the most searched items. These three items are generally the most searched during Non-Eid periods as well
  • ’Mobile phones’ was the only electronic item to make the list but remained at the last position 

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