Eid-Al-Adha Promotion Analysis 2022: Insights for KSA and UAE

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In the retail sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the annual celebration of Eid-Al-Adha holds immense significance for both consumers and businesses. As the joyous occasion approached on the 9th of July 2022, retailers prepared to captivate their target audience and maximize their sales potential.
This blog presents a comprehensive analysis of the promotional strategies employed during Eid-Al-Adha in the retail sector of KSA and UAE, shedding light on the trends, successes, and key insights that emerged from this vibrant festive season.


The Share of Retailers Participating in Eid Promotions & Offers Share


Eid Promotions & Offers Share


Eid special promotions commenced approximately a week ahead, from June 29th to July 5th, and extended for two additional weeks following Eid. Around 40% of retailers engaged in promoting Eid special offers during Week -1, while all retailers participated in promotional activities during Week 0. Notably, the majority of offers (~96%) promoted during Week 0 were Eid special (spanning from July 6th to July 12th) leading up to the festive celebration.


Top Categories Promoted during the 4 Weeks of Eid-Al-Adha Promotions


Eid Promotions & Offers Share


The promotional distribution of the top 5 categories for Eid-Al-Adha flyers reveals Home, Furniture, and Pets to be the most promoted category, closely followed by Health & Beauty, Grocery, Electronics, and Confectionary Snacks. Additionally, the remaining categories collectively referred to as “others,” accounted for approximately 38% of the total share of categories.


Sub-Category Wise Distribution


sub-category wise distribution


The sub-category wise distribution of the top categories is depicted above. Home, Furniture, and Pets predominantly encompass Toys, Luggage, and Home Furnishings. On the other hand, Confectionary and Snacks exhibit a significant concentration (over 85%) in Biscuits, Cakes, and Chocolates. This is probably due to the fact that these items have grown to replace traditional sweets in households during the festive season more and more and make for great offering for gatherings.


Drop in Promotions at Sub-Category Level




During this period, there was a noticeable decline in the promotion of Fresh Fish & Seafood and Fresh Vegetables. This decline can be attributed to the misalignment of these items with the sacrificial practices and dietary preferences associated with Eid-Al-Adha.


Variation in Promotions Item Wise:


Variation in Promotions Item Wise


Notably, there was a substantial increase of 12% in the promotions of Chocolates and 8% in Other Toys within the Home, Furniture, and Pets category. Additionally, the Meat & Fish category experienced a notable 7% increase in the promotions of Fresh Lamb & Mutton.
Chocolates and toys are popular choices for gifts and offerings during festive seasons, making them highly sought-after items. Similarly, fresh lamb and mutton hold a special place during Eid-Al-Adha weeks, as they are favoured and enjoyed by many.
Though under Confectionary, Snacks category, Biscuits, Cakes & Chocolates had major share there was a drop of almost 10% in the promotions of Cookies & Biscuits from Pre-Eid to Eid Season. A drop of 9% was also seen for Fresh Fish under Meat & Fish category and another drop of 8% for Women’s Clothing in Clothing & Footwear.


Top Searches:


ClicFlyer App popular searches during Eid Season


As per our data from the ClicFlyer App, we have collated some of the most popular searches during Eid Season. The chart depicts the count of searches done for the item on the application. Oil is one of the most searched items during that time followed by Milk and Chicken.



For Eid-Al-Adha 2023, customers in KSA and UAE can expect Eid promotions to begin about a week before, i.e., around the 21st of June 2023. A high number of promotions in chocolates, fresh meat, lamb and toys can again be expected this year.


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