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KSA’s relationship with rice and the most widely consumed rice grains in the region

Rice is one of the most popular grains in Saudi Arabia. According to research done by Helgi Library, KSA is ranked as the world’s 46th most-rice-consuming country. Rice is a staple of a variety of traditional Saudi dishes, including Bukhari, Saleeg, Kabsa, etc. The following varieties of rice are the most widely consumed and advertised in the area: 


    • Sella rice: partially boiled before being hulled, retains husk nutrients, used in biryanis and other dishes
    • White rice: most popular, bran and germ layers removed during milling, mild flavour, soft texture
    • Calrose rice: medium-grain, soft, sticky texture, low fat and sodium, healthy carb source
    • Fragrant rice: includes essential oils, jasmine and basmati varieties, distinct scent and flavour, good with flavoured dishes
    • Brown rice: whole grain, contains bran and germ layers, more nutritious than white rice, chewy texture, nutty flavour, healthy choice


Read on our in-depth promotional analysis of the most popular rice grains in KSA’s retail market. 

Promotion Analysis:

Segment-wise Promotion Share and Popularity on ClicFlyer App (Based on User clicks)


Segment-wise Promotion Share


The first graph shows the percentage share based on the promotions that the KSA retailers ran in 2022. Maximum promotions were observed for Sella rice which is the most widely used grain as it has a longer shelf life, is more nutrient-dense than white rice and compliments many Saudi dishes, including biryani. The second graphs shows the popularity of different segments among the users based on their offer clicks. As Brown rice segment was promoted less and it is generally more expensive than other segments, so the user engagement was the lowest on ClicFlyer App.


Segment wise top promoted pack sizes Vs Popular pack sizes amongst ClicFlyer users


Popular pack sizes amongst ClicFlyer users


The most promoted grain pack sizes for the top 3 most promoted grains were 10 kg for Sella, 5 kg for White Rice, and 5 kg for Calrose.

As we can see from the above chart, 5 Kg is the most common pack size promoted in all the major segments except brown rice. Brown rice being more expensive, smaller pack sizes were promoted by the retailers.  

The below chart shows the popularity of different pack sizes within each segment among ClicFlyer users.


different pack sizes - ClicFlyer


Single serve and Multi Serve Promotion Availability 


Single serve Table


For 2022 rice promotions, it was observed that more than 95% of the promotions were applicable on purchase of single quantity of the product. Out of all the offers which were valid on purchase of multiple quantities, most of those were on Sella, White rice and Calrose 5 kg pack sizes. 


Price per kg comparison of larger vs smaller pack sizes


Price per kg comparison of larger vs smaller pack sizes Table


For the most common rice grains- Sella and White rice, through promotions retailers ensured that the purchase of larger pack size (10 kg) was more economical for the shoppers. It is worth mentioning that the price of Calrose in 5 Kg and 4.5 Kg pack sizes varied significantly during the year.   

While the larger Pack-Size of Fragrant Rice was more expensive due to its fragrant characteristics and other attributes.   

The price of organic or glutinous brown rice packs were significantly higher than the regular variants. 


Seasonality Effect 

For the most consumed rice grains- Sella and White rice, during the festival seasons of Ramadan, Eid and End of the year, it was noted that high discounts were available for the shoppers on bulk purchase. This is because during festival seasons, people like to gather in their homes, and they prefer bulk purchase of rice for the celebrations. 


Clicflyer User Engagement Trend in Rice Category: 


Clicflyer User Engagement Trend in Rice Category


The graph mentioned above displays user engagement for various rice segments within the rice category. Based on the user engagement data for the entire year, it was observed that on an average more than 70% of the weekly users who explored rice offers, engaged with Sella offers. 


Due to their greater accessibility and lower price, Sella and White rice will continue to be the segments that receive the most attention and promotion. Except for Brown Rice and Fragrant Rice, buying in bulk is typically more advantageous for consumers. It can also assist retailers win over consumers with attractive discounts.


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