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The market has become extremely price sensitive and consumers are cautious about each and every penny they spend or save. Retailers often try to attract customers by offering discounts, promotions, and special deals. This can be an effective way for businesses to stand out in a crowded marketplace and encourage people to try their products or services. It can also help companies to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

In addition to digital flyers published by Retail stores on social media about 5 years ago, flyer apps started to emerge. These accelerated flyers moving from print to digital. Then came covid and the grand lockdown, during which, almost all the retailers went digital with flyers as they had no other way to communicate their flyers.

Now, very few people actually print flyers. In the UAE, majority of the flyers have already been digitized.

It is also important to note that there has been a pivotal shift in how people browse the flyers. It is true that many people now, use search bar more to find information about products and offers. This is because it is a more convenient and efficient way to find what you’re looking for online. With the search bar function, you can simply type in a few keywords and get a list of relevant results across Retailers almost instantly to compare and save. In contrast, flipping through flyers or catalogs can be time-consuming and may not always yield the desired results. In a larger sense, this gives even small store owners a chance to get coverage & traction if they have a relevant offer that’s competitive. High visibility to millions of active shoppers is key to effective promotions.

In the GCC ClicFlyer has become the go to app that provides an immersive interactive experience as it is a part of the discovery process where people decide what people what to purchase and where from.

According to, 81% of the buyers in the U.S. search online for a product for the best shopping offers, discounts, etc. before buying it. On ClicFlyer, one can compare prices and offers.

Also, according to a McKinsey report 40-45% sales are promotion driven in UAE and KSA. Both of those statistics together point to technology applications such as ClicFlyer to drive traffic into stores.

According to WordStream, 50% of the advertising was done online in 2020, globally. Social media is great for promotions, but a interactive platform that is solely focused on offers, discounts, deals and coupons can be a gamechanger.


Why choose ClicFlyer?

ClicFlyer is a useful and innovative app that can help businesses in the UAE and KSA reach a wider audience through promotional offers and coupons. Providing shoppers with an interactive experience and easy-to-navigate flyers can help increase engagement and potentially drive more foot traffic to stores. Following are some points you must consider and choose ClicFlyer for your Flyer Promotions:

ClicFlyer’s Massive Active User Base



Number of Users


Clicflyer has gained a significant user base of approximately 1 million monthly, 600k weekly and 2,25,000 daily users. The user base is shoppers going through the discovery process prior to their weekly shopping. This is witnessed through huge spikes in daily usage on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the GCC excluding the UAE which now has spikes on Thursdays and Fridays.

Interactive Flyers
ClicFlyer’s flyers are highly interactive. Each offer, discount or coupon on our flyers are clickable and can be viewed and saved individually.

ClicFlyer has numerous Advertising features that provide brands the chance to be visible to our active user base

Brand Tiles on the ClicFlyer App: Your brand gets all the eyes it deserves from our trajectory of approx. 1 million monthly active users, right on the home page.

Home Page Banners: Our banners are placed right at the top of the home page and are a perfect for high visibility advertisements.



ClicFlyer Banner Dashboard


Push Notifications:

Push notifications are a part of our internal marketing process. We send out push notifications on a daily basis and can be used to communicate to with our audience on a paid basis.

“Buy Online” Feature: We have a Buy Online feature for your products that are available online that redirects the audience to the given offer on your website instantly.

Pop up ads: We have in-app pop up ads, that can drive a potential customer right to your flyers, coupons or offers.

Search Bar: Our Search Bar makes it highly convenient for the audience to find exactly what they are looking for and even compare prices and deals. As a brand, you and your products get the opportunity to appear on these searches.
The more people search for a brand or product, the more visibility the brand or product will have, which can potentially lead to increased sales.


Weekly Searches - ClicFlyer



Get an in-depth Understanding of your Customers using ClicFlyer

ClicFlyer’s flyers are not just marketing and promotional tools, but also help business owners get an in-depth understanding of their customers. Our reports are exhibited and shared in the form of an easy-to-use dashboard that has a record of your brand’s flyers and offers’ performance on our app.

Following are the reports that can be subscribed to once the retailers/brands enrolls on ClicFlyer :

Flyer Engagement Reports
Monitor your weekly flyer engagement level by tracking unique user engaged, market penetration, total user activities on ClicFlyer mobile app, and your user activity share considering a competitor set:
• Weekly category and subcategory level performance
• Understand engagement for different types of flyers (National,       Regional, Weekly, Weekend, etc.)
• Identify top performing offers from overall flyer as well as from  individual category
• Identify poor performing SKUs which can be eliminated from future promotions
• Decide suitable price range, popular brand(s) and pack size(s) for a specific product based on historical offer performance


Flyer Pricing Reports

• Auto track all offers appearing on your flyer post promotion and check flyer competitiveness by analysing your product price positioning with respect to a competitor set
• Flyer competitiveness summary showing number of cheaper, expensive, and similar priced offers when compared against a competitor set
• Offer images available in the dashboard for easy validation


To sum it up, here is why you must go for ClicFlyer’s retailer’s subscription:

1. Cost Effective: ClicFlyer’s digital flyers are typically less expensive to produce and distribute than print flyers, as they do not require paper, ink, or the physical labour of printing and distribution. Our subscription price is minimal and provides access to hundreds of thousand active shoppers providing a large number of views.

2. Reach: With approx 1 million monthly active users, our digital flyers can be easily shared through email, social media, and other online platforms, potentially reaching a larger audience than print flyers.

3. Customization: Our digital flyers can be easily customized for different audiences or purposes, and can be updated in real time.

4. Tracking: It is easier to track the effectiveness of our digital flyers, as they can be designed with clickable links and other interactive elements that allow you to measure engagement rates.


ClicFlyer is a promotions discovery App that is transforming the discovery and decision-making process of active shoppers in the GCC.
Currently serving in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and South Africa.

For more information, reach out to or contact us

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