Purchase your favourite products instantly, with ClicFlyer’s all new BUY ONLINE button & WhatsApp ordering


With COVID19 on the rise,
many of us have taken the active decision to reduce leaving the house as much
as possible, for the safety of our health. This means no social gatherings,
attending workplaces with large numbers of people, or going to crowded areas in
general. One of the things that people had to severely reduce was going out to
purchase their day to day grocery requirements, or things in general for their
household needs, such as appliances or electronic items. Although governments
are doing what they can, there is no clear end in sight for the pandemic, and
cases continue to rise. But this does not mean that we must sacrifice our
standard of living for the time being. As far as possible, we must continue
with our lives, especially since we do not know when things can truly go back
to normal.

To help people carry on with their day to day lives and enjoy the items they would normally purchase in a store, ClicFlyer has launched an all new feature, to cater to this very need! Introducing the all new BUY ONLINE button. With this feature, shoppers can now purchase the items they are interested in, simply by clicking on the BUY ONLINE button, and they will be able to purchase it on the retailer’s own website, for added convenience.

How it works

Accessing the BUY ONLINE
offers is super easy. In just a few steps, you can be on your way to purchasing
the products you desire. Launch the ClicFlyer app, select your preferred
retailer, click on the ‘all offers’ tab on top, browse through the offers, and
click on any one that has the BUY ONLINE icon visible below it, once you arrive
on the offer page, simply click on the BUY ONLINE button and you will be taken
to the retailer website, where you can purchase the product. It’s as simple as


The main benefit of the BUY ONLINE button is of course
saving you time and energy – you can complete your shopping as you browse,
without having to visit a store yourself. Another advantage is the fact that
one does not have to leave the house to get their essential shopping done, this
is great for those who are cautious and want to be as safe as possible during
this time. Another added benefit is that after you click on the BUY ONLINE
button and you are on the retailer site, besides being shown the offer that you
are interested in, you will also be shown similar related offers. This is
useful for those who might need to choose from variants of a product or might
be more interested in a similar item.

There’s more

In addition to the BUY ONLINE button, we have also
incorporated Whatsapp ordering for our users! Now you can directly place your
order with the retailer, to either have it delivered or ready to be picked up,
further minimizing the time spent in the store. With Whatsapp ordering, one can
directly interact with the store for queries such as timings, product variants
etc, as well as send their shopping lists, which the store can keep ready or
deliver to you. Check the retailer store listing to find out if they have a WhatsApp
ordering service.

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