How to get coupons for online retailers?


How to get coupons for online retailers?

According to a report, 74% shoppers in UAE, use online platforms to shop.
The market of UAE is highly competitive in terms of discounts, offers and coupons. Shoppers indulge greatly in looking for the best offers and monitor them closely. Serious shoppers find ways to get the best deals possible. Amidst the inflation, consumers have become more active when it comes to saving money on deals and offers.
There is a dire need for coupons that can be used online. It is important to have platforms like ClicFlyer where you can track flyers, offers, deals and even coupons by top retailers of your region – ALL IN ONE PLACE.

What are coupons?
Coupons are special discount or deal codes or documents that can be used during an online or in-store purchase. They are mostly valid for a limited period of time and can only be used one time. You can find coupons of leaflets, newspapers and now even online.

Why are coupons important?
Coupons are important for both sellers and consumers.
Consumers can save a great deal using coupons. For the sellers, coupons are especially important because they help reward and retain loyal customers and also attract new ones.

How to find coupons on ClicFlyer?

Finding coupons on ClicFlyer is effortless.

1. You select your city. For instance, to find offers in Dubai, select Dubai on top left.

2. On the home page, you will see an option for coupons.  Here, you will find coupons by all the retailers and brands that are available on ClicFlyer.


Coupons & Offers


3. Click on online coupons or the retailer who’s coupons you want to check out.
Below the coupons, the validity of the coupons will be mentioned.


Online Coupon


4. Click on the coupon you want to use. You can either save it to your shopping list for use later or copy the code, tap redeem now and it will take you to the offer on the retailers ecommerce site to purchase. There is also a share button, which can be used to share the coupons with friends and family.


Redeem Now


Finding coupons for online retailers on ClicFlyer is a seamless experience. There are several top retailers and brands in UAE on the app so you can find coupons for all your daily needs.
Use our “redeem now” option and save a great deal of effort by shopping online from the comfort of your home and save money.

ClicFlyer is a free app that provides shoppers with an easy access to weekly flyers, offers, deals and coupons from top retailers and brands in UAE, KSA and SA efficiently. It has over 1 million monthly active users and has amazing features like the save button which helps consumers create their own shopping lists, etc.
ClicFlyer is currently active in 9 countries including-United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Jordan and South Africa.
Download ClicFlyer App to expand your weekly savings!

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