Digital Flyer Apps Can Increase Footfall


The secret of being in the right place at the right time

Research shows that more than 50% of shoppers prefer to search for best offers and deals before they make in-store purchases. They are more likely to make an in-store purchase if they see an ad with a promotion or discount offer on their smartphone.

Mobile influenced sales have grown with development in technology and most customers who make store purchases find it convenient to use the internet and mobile apps to research offers & discounts.

Store owners need to ensure constant visibility through digital flyers rather than just traditional means of sharing physical flyers.

With increasing smartphone penetration in the region, Mobile App is NOW a critical component of any effective promotional strategy.


Smartphone penetration data
Data: 2016

What is heartening to note is that globally while customers spend considerable time researching online for deals, they still prefer to make purchases in stores.





Does the strategy for retail then seem obvious?


Vertical Strip


With the information overload, interactive mobile flyer Apps with advanced features of search, save, shopping lists etc. provide a unique and effective engagement platform for decision making and make shopping simple, fun and convenient for shoppers.

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