Marketing & Advertisement

Our home page banner is the ideal high visibility medium to attract customer engagement, with over 28 million banner impressions per month.

The home page banner is a high visibility tool to a focused audience of shoppers in the discovery & research phase of their shopping journey.

Advertise on our platform for maximum visibility

  • Exclusive access to our native banner (can be linked internally to the offer, or your ecommerce site) - up to 4 rotating banners at any given time.
  • Increase brand recall and visibility.
  • Location specific targeting (country, region, or city level).
  • Intelligent product promotion to linked products promoted on the Application
  • Prime and guaranteed visibility on landing page.
  • Reach desktop and mobile audiences.
  • Effective tool for major/specific announcements; new store opening, mega offers, member special deals.

Our native banner gets millions of impressions per month. The banner can be used to draw users to particular offers or stores. Target the users precisely by choosing the exact location – country or cities, in which you want to advertise on. Improve your brand image by having it visible to most people.

The ultimate goal of using user analytics in retail is to get actionable insight into what consumers are looking for. Using our BI systems and brand analytics tools in tandem with the native banner ad, you can drive traffic to your ecommerce page, or the brand page on our app.

Using business analytics and business intelligence effectively allows you to propel your growth further, and our business intelligence dashboard software is the perfect tool for your brand needs.
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Banner advertisement

Our in-App notifications push information to our users. Ideal for new product launches.

Communicate with your audience through ClicFlyer

  • Publish adaptive push notifications about your latest outlets, discounts, sales etc.
  • Communicate new product releases, and important announcements.
  • Location, language, and specific targeting (country, region, or city level).
  • New store openings, and important announcements.
  • Notification performance reports.

Communication is key for effective messaging. Using the notification function ensures the right users are receiving the intended messages, and not diluting the message by sending it out with no aim.

Our brand analytics tools will help you understand your own customers and accordingly help you communicate your promotions better.
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