Decoding Consumer Habits and Retail Leaflet Promotions for Saudi National Day – 2022

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One of the biggest shopping events of the year in Saudi Arabia is the Saudi National Day, which takes place on September 23rd and is comparable to Black Friday in the United States. The following is an in-depth study of consumer behavior and leaflet offers during and around Saudi National Day, conducted by the team of Clicflyer.

Understand the timeline of the campaign – How are the flyers curated around ‘Saudi National Week’?

Top 8 Retailers of Saudi Arabia were considered to for the following analysis:

Retailers Promotions

  • To scale up sales and footfall, 13% of the retailers started promoting Saudi National Day flyers 2 weeks before the actual event in 2021.
  • Around 63% of Retailers started promoting National Day-specific offers 1 week before The National Day.
  • In addition to main flyers, approximately 50% of the retailers were promoting short or weekend leaflets to attract more customers.

Top Segments Designated for Offers During Saudi National Weeks and Regular weeks

Offers During Saudi National Weeks and Regular weeks

Amongst all segments, the segment which showed a drastic jump of 23.02% from Pre-national to National weeks and got added to the top segments list was Frozen vegetables.

Chocolates, Cookies and Biscuits, Detergent and Stain Remover, and Deli and Speciality Cheese were segments that were repeated during the Regular Weeks, Pre-National (BTS) Weeks and Saudi National Weeks.

Segments on which promotions reduced during Saudi National week

Pre National Week
School Supplies
Air Coolers and Fans
Other Spreads
Home Decor
Hard Drives and Pen Drives
Regular To National Week  
Fruit Flavored Drinks
Air Coolers and Fans
Dinnerware and crockery
Home Decor
Hand Tools
  • We have observed major downfall in Stationary Segment as before Saudi National Weeks retailers promote on BTS specific segments the most.
  • Air Coolers & Fans and Home Décor were one of those segments where promotions were reduced during both time periods.

Promotional and Offer Flux During the National Weeks

There is growth in the category promotion share of following segments during Saudi National Weeks as compared to Pre-National week

Promotional and Offer Flux During the National Weeks

The highest growth was observed in Confectionery and Snacks which was 12% followed by a 10% growth in Grocery, 8% in frozen foods, and 7% in Health and Beauty.

Promotion Contribution of different Segments by Percentage (%)

Promotion Contribution Pie Chart

  • Chocolates, frozen vegetables, and cookies had a significant increase in offers.

The dynamics of user engagement at Category Level during the Saudi National Day Period

user engagement

Expectations for 2022 during National Weeks

For above categories, user engagement increased significantly from Week -2 to Week 0 for National Day themed flyers.

2020 was completely impacted and 2021 was partially impacted by Covid-19, so promotions began only 2 weeks before the event. In 2022, we expect promotions to begin 3 weeks prior to Saudi National Day.
In 2021, supplement flyers like weekly flyers and weekend flyers were promoted. It is expected that additional flyers will be a part of the promotion scheme in 2022 as well.

Frozen foods (like whole chicken and vegetables) are going to be promoted more according to last year’s data.

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