ClicFlyer launches in South Africa

ClicFlyer News

ClicFlyer – the leading interactive app for flyers & offers, has recently launched in South Africa, the 9th country that the app operates in. The app helps provide users with a better shopping experience, as it gives them easy access to weekly offers from all the major supermarkets, retailers, and brands on a single platform. In addition to helping people cater to their family’s shopping needs, the app enables them to enjoy huge savings on their weekly bills.

There are several ways in which you can find offers on the app – trending offers, which allows you to view the current popular offers available in your city; browsing by retailers, to view the latest weekly flyers as well as thousands of other offers from your preferred retailers; or by categories, to view the various categories and sub-categories that you want to shop from. The planning can be done much ahead of leaving your house, thus also saving you a lot of time.

Other features of the app include browsing all available offers from retailers, creating a shopping list, adding offers to your cart, advanced search features, among other features that help users get the best shopping experience.



ClicFlyer allows you to find the best offers from your preferred retailers, sort by retailer, create a shopping list, browse from trending offers and much more!

To summarize, the ClicFlyer app helps you to save money and shopping time by giving you access to one of the largest selection of retailers. It also enables you to have an overview of the offerings across each country where it is available. Using the app, you can browse flyers, learn more about discounts available, search and save value offers, locate stores, and create a shopping list. Prior to the launch in South Africa, the app was available for people in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, and Jordan. ClicFlyer is extremely popular in these countries, it has seen over 5 million downloads, and is very highly rated on both the Google Play Store, as well as on the Apple App Store.

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