A Summarization of Offers In KSA during Q3 2022

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3% Growth Observed in Offers by Retailers in KSA during Third Quarter in 2022 as compared to Q3 2021.

25th September to 1st October (Week 39), registered the highest number of offers in Q3 2022.
Just like Q2 2022, Q3 2022 also saw the highest increase in offers on Frozen Foods, followed by Meat and Fish.

top 5 categories contributed 51% of total offers

As compared to Q3 2021, when top 5 categories contributed 51% of total offers, in Q3 2022, top 5 categories contributed 59%

The 4 Categories were: 1. Grocery 2. Health and Beauty 3. Home, Furniture and Pets 4. Electronics

As a continuation of last quarter (Q2 2022) Frozen Foods recorded the highest growth in numbers of offers by 27% vs Q3 2021.



Frozen foods were followed by Meat and Fish with a 20% increase.
Offers on Paper and Disposables reduced the most by 17%, followed by Health and Beauty with a 14% reduction.


Contribution of top 7 retailers by offer count grew from 48% in Q3 2021 to 53% in Q3 2022.


Contribution of top 7 retailers by offer count grew from 48% in Q3 2021 to 53% in Q3 2022


Top 5 Brands in Frozen Foods made up for 55% contribution.


Five Frozen Food Image

5 brands alone accounted for 55% of offers in the frozen foods category.



Note: Data Source: ClicFlyer

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