Business Intelligence & Analytic Solutions

Why you need a digital offer library

  • Interactive Repository of Offers and Flyers of all major retailers.
  • Advanced filters by brands, retailers, region, category, pack sizes etc.
  • Access anytime anywhere.
  • Promotions updated DAILY.
  • Preservation for research and reference.
  • Save on internal resources.
  • Online service, free of maintenance and storage costs.
digital offer library

Timely, Relevant Intelligence at your Fingertips

  • Analysis In Real time- (Updated regularly with the latest promo analysis across all markets).
  • Competitor analysis - pricing, volume, and distribution.
  • Time series analysis .
  • Instant Analysis based on your variables (interactable dashboards).
  • Covers 9000 + brands, 7 markets, and 150 unique retailers.
  • Customizable dashboards to meet your reporting requirements.
promotion intelligence analytics

Real time analytics and data, to monitor your performance

  • Clickstream data analysis from over 200 million activities per month.
  • Understand and evaluate customer engagement metrics.
  • Product affinity studies.
Retailer in app analytics