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Brand Analytics Transform your Business with ClicFlyer Analytics

BI reporting tools equip your workforce to analyze and manage the various forms of data. Apart from collecting and segregating the data, your workforce can make use of this data to improve the product and uncover new business opportunities.


As per the latest survey by a leading technology firm, more than 58% of technology companies are actively employing big data analytics to derive new strategies in bringing cost and process efficiency into the business. So, let us check out how brand analytics tools or big data analytics are driving transformation in businesses.

Transforming Customer Relationship

The customer is the most crucial asset for any business. It is essential to observe customer behavior to trigger their loyalty. And the more credible data the company can collect and analyze, the more trends and patterns they are able to identify in their customer behavior. This process helps them plan better business strategies aimed at increasing the consumption of their customers. With the help of modern technology, businesses today can effortlessly collect required customer data, analyze it, and observe patterns and trends in their business. With a precise data analytics system, the business can get detailed insights on critical customer behavior, which can help create strategies to attract more customers and retain their existing customer base. Additionally, business analytics tool technology allows businesses to overhaul their services and offer better service to their customers. This aspect greatly helps in blurring the boundaries between the business and the customer.

Smart Decision Making

Effective analytics of big data can support the companies in making major decisions related to business, including the redesigning of products and future expansion and growth of the business. Traditionally, much of the information about asset maintenance, equipment, customer base, employee payment, and delivery schedule remains unused. A business analytics tool helps analyze this information to create actionable insights which can lead to better planning on the proper execution of the resources. This feature will not only lead to improved decision-making but will also enhance the efficiency of business operations. A business analytics dashboard can produce the data in the form of visualizations and reports, which helps the top decision-makers to make effective automated decisions.

Improved Business Intelligence (BI)

By implementing a brand analytics tool, businesses can greatly enhance their BI processes as using technology leads to better methods of delivering the products and services to the customers. The scope of Business Intelligence was significantly limited prior to the introduction of big data analytics. Now, however, it plays an integral role in business planning and management. Advanced big data analytics has led to the rise of Business Intelligence in the present-day business environment, which allows business owners to take their enterprise to a whole new level. Nowadays, you will find extensive use of BI reporting tools in companies that generate a lot of data. And BI would be ‘missing in action in companies that do not produce any kind of data. With the help of BI reporting tools, your customers can enjoy centralized access to any details that improve buying decisions.

Embedding Ai Into Analytics And Big Data Technology

The rising needs of the customers and the new transformations introduced by advanced technology within the sales and customer service sectors have dropped the existing system from cramming for bandwidth while handling the tasks. More businesses are now migrating towards Artificial Intelligence and advanced automation technology to counter the newer challenges experienced by the businesses. The deep insights gathered from big data analytics help develop and support scalable, smart systems employed by enterprises to boost automated context marketing for their businesses. According to a leading consulting firm, almost 60% of the executives surveyed reported that analytics and big data for the enterprise would get enhanced with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

Effective And Innovative Brand Strategies

With effective analytics, businesses no longer need to spend millions on non-performing, dull ads. Today, businesses can use newer techniques such as text analysis, sentiment analysis, and other data to understand their customers and uncover deep, actionable insights to attract new prospects into their business. Deep analytics could help them build innovative brand strategies that will boost audience engagement with the brand. With insightful data and better analytics, enterprises can now choose whether to run personalized or targeted ad campaigns to build a maximum connection with their customer base. Doing so will allow them to save their expenses as it greatly reduces the cost of customer acquisition and enables effective branding. Additionally, brand analytics tools also help recognize the uniqueness and innovation of a brand.


Ultimately, business analytics and Business Intelligence offer the tools and technology to build an environment where businesses can run at maximum efficiency through minimum wastage of time and resources. Companies that are eager for a business transformation must make a significant investment in big data analytics to reap the true advantages of the collected data.


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