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4 Features to be Considered for Bi Reporting Tools

How Does Bi Reporting Work?

The BI reporting tools exert and analyze data from different sources of the company available on the premises as well as over the cloud. The BI reporting tool could identify other data measurements such as revenues, sales, inventory count, etc., and implement it to various dimensions like purchase order, date, or customer information to build an analysis. Users could choose different measurements and sizes to produce the reports.


Your workforce can build tables, pie charts, or histograms based on the selected data source and build forecasting models. The BI reporting tools can also help the force create dashboards along with forecasting charts and update them in real-time as per the schedule. There are various capabilities and possibilities in BI reporting. One could take the help of multiple training videos and demonstrations to know the process of BI reporting tools and how to add them effectively into your retail business.

What Are The Objectives?

The main objective is to offer data insights that could help with better decision-making in business. However, the IT developers and financial analysts should not be the only ones having moral responsibility and the ability to dissect the data. The decision-makers of the company should also seek organized and personalized reports in the most preferred format for better business decision-making. The managers should be capable of analyzing the information, understanding the data, and drawing a conclusion that would help them make better-informed decisions.


Another primary objective of a Business Intelligence tool is to remove the silos in the data to build a single and trustworthy data source. When your team works with similar data sheets or uses an identical platform for a detailed analysis, you would no longer find different records of the given truth. Practical data analysis can be accurate, less time-consuming, and the business decision-makers can effectively explore as well as edit data into a single location. However, the objectives cannot be effectively accomplished without proper BI reporting tools.

Why Does A Business Require These Tools?

Developing a proper BI reporting process has various far-reaching benefits for the company. Even non-technical users could build their online reports with various BI reporting tools. The advanced BI tools would make it easy for the workforce to use different data sources and gain an in-depth and deeper understanding of different business metrics. Your crew can utilize the reporting data available from the analytics and make better business decisions while sharing data with other departments.


The BI reporting tools also allow businesses to see the broader picture and aggregate the data for multiple departments. This enables users to have various interactions with the data. All this could be effectively combined within a shorter period due to practical big data reporting tools designed to shorten analyzing and evaluating the data for effective reporting.

4 Top Features for Evaluating The Bi Reporting Tools

There are many BI platforms and tools in the market, but not every BI software will perfectly fit your business needs. Here are the 4 top features that you should look for while evaluating BI software include:

The Plug And Play Feature

The appropriate BI platform will fit into your existing Data infrastructure and work with your governance environment and security without needing additional infrastructure.

Customizable Dashboard

The BI platform allows every user to create different sights driven by visuals at a single glance.

Intuitive User Experience

The BI platform should even allow non-analysts to ask their queries and find the answers they seek quickly.


The BI platform should be flexible to accommodate the growing needs of the company as it grows and expands, i.e. the BI platform should be easily scalable as per the needs of the business.


Here are the top 4 features you need to look for in selecting the right BI platform for your business. If you want to find the best BI software and access the best Business Intelligence tool, you must visit Clic Flyer today.

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